Sunday, August 15, 2004

Today, I am going to a wedding! The last time I went to a wedding was when I was a ring bearer for my Aunt Kendra's wedding. I was, 4, I think. She still has it on video! The only things I really remember from that wedding are doing the "funky chicken" dance, and the fact that Kara got a really cool lollipop because she made a request from the DJ (I was uspet!).

The wedding present I chose was a fondue set from Linens and Things. At first, it seemed like a somewhat trite choice. But in the end, it seemed like a somewhat cute idea. I wanted something that they could do together. I just hope they don't end up with 14 fondu kits. :)

Just for effect, we're using a shower-loofah with a lion head as the ribbon. Teehee.

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