Sunday, August 15, 2004

My milkshake brings all the boys to the wedding...

Ok, so today, I attended the sort of event that I haven't attended since I was 4. That would be 20 years ago, for those of you that need things spelled out for you.

I went to a wedding!

A friend of mine from highschool, Kaitlin Roach, was joined in holy matrimony to her now-husband Bradley Olsen. It was absolutely beautiful, I must say I was really touched. I 'd only seen Kaitie once or twice since graduating from highschool, so it was somewhat shocking to see her come out, looking so gorgeous (not that she is not ALWAYS pretty), in a wedding dress!

The ceremony proceeding, well, mostly unceremoniously. That's not particularly a bad thing. It went as planned! Except, perhaps, for the part where Kaitie's dad welled up while reading the scripture. It was very very cute.

The other brilliant part of today's event was that I got to see a lot of people who I haven't seen in quite a while. Nick Counts, Matt McLaughlin, John Watts, Regan Roberts, and Kenny Roach. It's great to see that they were all, more or less, the same wonderful people that they were when I knew them in high school. The better memories of high school were reawakened!

After the ceremony there was, of course, a reception. I think the highlight of the reception was seeing Kaitie's grandmother keep the place alive! This woman was great... she certainly had more energy than I did! And she made it her duty to dance with every man there.

At one point, there was the traditional tossing of the bouquet. Being somewhat wined-up, and a bit of a clown, I decided to join the girl in attempting to catch it. I wasn't really going to try very hard, I mostly just held my hand out and made melodramatic expressions. However, Kaitie tossed the bouquet and it literally fell into my hand. I kid you not. I didn't even have to try. The wedding party seemed to get a kick out of it, luckily.

I was NOT aware of the second part of the tradition--the tossing of the garter. Bradley removed it and tossed it, but none of the guys really seemed to jump to grab it... leaving it for my highschool friend Matthew McLaughlin to catch. He, it seems, was ALSO not aware of the final part of the tradition.

He had to put the garter onto my leg.

My face was incredibly red during most of this time. The professional photographers ATE this up though. I think they are part of the paparazzi!

I was a little concerned that I had stomped all over the tradition, and that the girls would never forgive me for it. But then I realized the following things:

  • Everyone had a good time.
  • Gavin Newsom's goodwill was just shot down in court, so I'm supposed to be bitter.
  • The wedding was in the San Francisco metropolitan area: what you expect??
So, good times were had by all. After the wedding, we went back to spend a little bit more time with my friends at their hotel room. After sharing stories and catching up, Regan introduced us to the cartoon known as Aqua Teen Hunger Force. *I* had always thought that this was some anime show, since when the titles are translated to English, they always seem to be random strings of words like that. However, I was suprised to find that it was in fact very American: a floating serving of french fries, a walking milkshake, and a roly-poly amorphous ball of meat. I'm not sure what else to say, you'll have to do the research on your own.

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