Tuesday, August 10, 2004


So, here I am, two years into a graduate program at the University of California, Davis. I haven't been TERRIBLY productive during those two years, although I have managed to get almost all of my class requirements finish (I have one more), and to pass the preliminary exams (it was my second try, but I got a clear pass!)

Anyway, I haven't really seemed to figure out how to enjoy research. It basically involves reading lots of dry papers, thinking about what people have already done, trying to do something new, and then writing new, dry papers about it. It sounds pretty lucrative, except for the "dry" part.

My guess is that the real problem is that I can't manage to get myself to do something if I don't enjoy it. Which basically means I'm going to have big trouble when I get a real job.

I'm going to say that a major problem is one of focus. I tend to become bored with whatever I'm doing within a period of a few weeks or months. So, I'm going to have to find a career that won't allow me to get bored. Some of you might suggest, say, teaching. "Oh, teaching is great, it's new every 4 months!" Ok, no. It's still teaching. You still write lesson plans, grade papers, and try to convince morons that they're not stupid.

So, what will I do? Will I stay in the PhD program? Will I get a Master's and move to Raleigh with Rob? This all remains to be seen. Tune in next time!

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