Wednesday, August 11, 2004


As you may have read here, my best friend is moving to Minneapolis, soon. Let me tell you, briefly, the history that my best friend and I have. After reading Rob's posts, I am beginning to feel inferior when it comes to holding the public interest, but we'll have a go at it anyway.

Jessica and I met in pre-school. The daycare was in an institution known as the "Pyle Center." It wasn't a bad place. Of course, when you're 4, you're too young to realize that most of the people that live in your super-rural southern Delaware county are numbskull bumpkins. But I digress.

According to Jessica, she did not ever know my name that year. She referred to me, to her mother, as "the boy I play Care Bears with." (It's ok to use dangling prepositions when you're 4.) "Playing Care Bears" is not a euphemism for anything sexual (WE WERE 4!). It simply meant that we crawled up to the top of a jungle gym, muttered some phrases from the then-popular cartoon, and then jumped off, in a flight-like fashion. I'm suprised we didn't kill ourselves.

The next year, we went to kindergarten, where Jessica actually remembered my name. We then became very close friends, and remained so until middle school. Since middle school is basically a giant vat of fresh testosterone and estrogen, everyone was too busy trying to stay afloat to actually be friends with anyone. In fact, she even went as far, one time, as collaborating with uber-bitch Gretchen Lieb in one of her "let's be an uber-bitch" plans. It was a simple one, in which Jessica pretended to "have a crush on me. " I think I was supposed to fall for it, but I made the mistake of just writing on my return note 'Call me then.' I should have written 'You're full of it, but call me anyway.' Unfortunately, only writing "Call me then." meant that I fell for the joke. Bugger.

Anyway, by the end of 8th grade, we'd re-forged a true friendship. Soon after, we called each other "Best friends." This was new to me, since, despite the fun we had together in elementary school, I was frequently informed that I could not possibly be her best friend, because Nellie Bradford was her best friend. But she said it was ok if she was my best friend. Greedy bitch.

There are so many stories, which I will probably attempt to recount one-by-one, as I've been meaning to do for a while. When you get old, memories start to get hazy! Hopefully Jessica will drop by and leave some additional stories in the form of comments!

I think I had a point with all of this, but I've since forgotten it. But it was fun, anyway.

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