Friday, January 28, 2005

That's the music I like...

So, here I sit, listening to "Pulsradio," which is playing some typical trance-style electronic music into my ears. I'm really enjoying listening to this, but it's started to make me wonder: why do I find this music so enjoyable?

Much of the music that I like tends to have a very repetative nature. Furthermore, if you choose any two songs from the "Trance" genre, the chance of them sounding the same is quite high. Despite this, I love the music! I *do* find the subtle differences that exist, and I savor each and every one!

The repetition of the music is part of what makes it so amazing for me. It's something that I'd liken to an aural massage. When you get a massage, the fundamentals of the massage are incredibly repetative. However, there are subtle motions that add the variety. The same motion can be repeated a number of times, and just when the motion starts to bore you, a little twist might be added, which will re-stimulate your senses.

In my opinion, this is also what happens when you listen to trance music. The fundamentals are always the same. But the subtleties, and the addition of variations at just the right time, are what make the music what it is.

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