Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Substandard Gadgetry

Why do well established companies insist on making shiny pretty new gadgets that suck? We are halfway through the "naughts," and digital technology has developed a pretty well-established user-interface paradigm that we should all be comfortable with. In spite of this, I still see new, over-priced items that seem like they might be really awesome, until you realize that they are missing *key* features.

This blog-thought was prompted while reading a review of one of those "media-streaming" devices. You're supposed to be able to connect this thing to your TV, and use it as an interface to digital media that is on your computer. This particular device had fatal flaws like that fact that if you leave the "song information" screen, and then return after doing something else, the song restarts! Blunders like this are simply UNACCEPTABLE, especially for something that basically amounts to $150 wireless card with a little bit of support circuitry.

Is it really so much to ask for that shiny pretty devices actually WORK?

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Anonymous said...

And what about that box hooked up to YOUR TV?